Quick Fit Trauma Collar

The Quick Fit Trauma Collar is a revolutionary multi-post cervical collar with posterior thoracic extensions that delivers a customized contoured fit and consistent reapplication while minimizing skin-related issues and patient error. Designed to address the most common collar issues..

Correx SP TLSO

The Correx SP TLSO immobilizes and restricts mid and lower spine movement (T9- S1). Ideal for post-operative recovery, the Trend Correx SP TLSO limits forward movement during the healing period.

Correx TLSO

The Correx TLSO is a dual-purpose orthosis that supports, stabilizes, and corrects the mid and lower spine (T9-S1). Additionally, the Correx can be used to provide unmatched rotational stability and motion restriction during the post-operative period.

Pro Lateral LSO

The Pro Lateral LSO is a technically advanced lateral lumbar-sacral orthosis that stabilizes the mid to lower spine (T9- S1), delivering optimal tri-planar support and protection.

Quick Form SI

The Quick Form SI is a low-profile and lightweight sacroiliac orthosis that mitigates pain by restricting movement in the SI joint. The Quick Form SI improves load transfer in patients with SI joint dysfunction and is constructed with materials conducive to long-term wear, allowing patients to experience extended relief.